coworking space and serviced office interior design and fitout project management by 0813 studio commercial interior designers sydney, nsw

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0813 Studio have abundant experience in commercial office design and project management of serviced office and coworking space sydney and around australia.

We understand serviced office design of space max requirement to optimize the space.

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Regus Pyrmont Co-working

We put networking opportunity first in our coworking space and serviced office design .

Our serviced office and coworking design is modern, trendy, unique and stand the test of time with wow factor .

"Serviced office and  coworking space are like the hotel of commercial offices, the golden occupancy vs space ratio is not 1:10, and we can design that in Australia! "

Our project consultant has delivered more than 40 serviced offices and coworking spaces interior design and project management across Australia.  

Serviced office and co-working space are still relatively new to Australia, and we do see the huge amount of market demands and development. With more than 40 serviced offices and co-working project experience on interior design and project management under our wing, 0813 Studio is more than confident to help you every step of the way. It's quite important to engage your designer with relevant  industry experience these days and we guarantee you that you would see the difference straightaway. The following aspects are what we will showcase our experience on serviced office and co-working space interior design and project management:

- Consultation on site selection of your proposed serviced office or co-working space, based on demographic, local market and geography

- Overall project budget estimate and recommendation based on site location

- Financial attributes: $/sqm, $/seat, break-even exercise calculation, overall project budget estimate and reporting, project budget control

- Go or No-Go of project

- Suitability of Co-working based on local demands

- Space planning (Test-fit) and concept design of serviced office or co-working space, or mix

- Recommendation of space mix to maximize of occupancy number. 

- Recommendation of the best occupancy space ratio for serviced office and co-working space. 

- Recommendation of serviced office and co-working space services

- Detail Design Documentation for tendering and construction

- Tendering, tender analysis and recommendation

- Selection of furniture and showroom trips

- Authority application including CDC or DA

- Design management and coordination of various consultants if needed

- Recommendation of furniture list based on client's budget

- Recommendation of finishes, fixtures and fittings based on client's budget

- Stakeholder engagement

- Construction management and project management

We promote networking opportunities in our serviced office and coworking space design. That's the essence of the space.

Renovated Office


What's the difference between a serviced office and a normal commercial office?

- Serviced office as per the name is a type of commercial space that is designed as per business needs without any limitation of size or style with shared communal space with other businesses (kitchen, breakout and meeting space), which is flexible and cost efficient to rent. Serviced office is very popular in Asia, Europe and America, and is now the IN office in Australia, attracting many businesses, especially small businesses. There is only single charge per week per seat, which includes all commercial space related services and premium CBD address.

What about coworking space, is it the same as serviced office?

- For our understanding, coworking space is a type of serviced office that breaks the office wall boundaries. Apart from all the features of a serviced office, a coworking space essentially you are renting a desk space, sometimes they do activity-based workplace too that you won't have a fixed desk but surely a spot somewhere in the office with sharing all the other facilities. Coworking space is extremely popular with entrepreneurs, and is a great place for networking.

What's 0813 Studio commercial interior designer's experience in serviced office and coworking space projects?

- Good question. Serviced office design and coworking space design are different from conventional commercial office design, and you should engage designers with relevant experience to design it. We have designed and project managed over 40 serviced offices and coworking spaces around Australia, so yes, in this topic, we are very very experienced. We understand the space max strategy and essence of serviced office and coworking space is hotel in commercial space. Give us a call and you will see the difference straight away.

How do 0813 Studio commercial interior designers charge on serviced office and coworking space design?

- We promise professional services with reasonable price. Obviously it depends on project sizing and client's requirement. Typically for a 400 sqm plate brand new commercial space for serviced office and/or coworking space, we charge $1,500+ for space planning and brief concept, and then around $4,000+ for full detail design development. We can also throw in some project management free services too based on your requirements. Really great price? Give us a buzz now.

What do you mean by full office detail design documentation?

- Our full office detail design documentation include drawings like: office floor plan, partition plan, internal elevations, finishes plan, flooring plan, reflected ceiling plan, joinery design details, and all necessary information for the purpose of tendering and full construction. The set of documentation is more than just certifier would require, it documents office design in full details so that the builder or contractor would be able to translate the design on site directly without any problem. We will also include a list of finishes details as well as list of furniture and fixtures. 


director: Peter Wang MDes., BEng.


mobile: +61 466 20 0813

address: lvl 2, 65-71 belmore road, randwick, nsw 2031

trading hours:

monday - friday: 9:00 - 17:00

weekends: by appointments

please give us a call to book your one on one appointment and free consultation.


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