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 interior design, interior styling and home decoration by 0813 studio interior designers, sydney nsw

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0813 studio interior designers concrete

Beautifully designed and styled home space, carefully selected finishing and furnishing, catering to your individual unique taste. by 0813 studio home interior and home decoration service.

Our residential home interior design, home interior styling and home decoration services are providing simple, clean, modern and minimalism interior designs that can stand the test of time. We promote real material like timber, stone, concrete... to name a few; we promote feature zone rather than feature wall; we promote overall neutral tone with accent color on a small dose as loose fittings and fixtures that can be adjusted along the lifetime of the space; we design your space as per your living behavior to maximize functionality of the space. Give us a call to find out more!

No matter what style you prefer, industrial look and feel; minimalist interior design; hamptons style interiors; contemporary; Japanese style; beach house, coastal style..., you name it, we design it. We can also mix and match different style elements in your space, living area, bedrooms, hallway, backyard, sunroom, kitchen, dining, media room, kids' room, rumpus room,... anywhere. 

Modern Residential Interior Design and Interior Decoration

Contrasts in color, texture and material work wonders to your home space. - 0813 Studio home interior design, interior styling and home decoration in Sydney.

Industrial look and feel design is not only limited for commercial and retail interior design only. We adopt the similar design in home space too in order to create a modern and trendy space but with a touch a soft timber and fabric material and brighten accent colors to soften the space for a comfortable living area. 

With 0813 Studio, we break down the residential interior design services into different levels that we make sure there is no hidden cost to you.

Home Visit and Home Decoration Consultation Session: from $300.00 (free travel cost within 60km radius of Sydney)

- This interior design service include one off home visit and face-to-face consultation which we could provide you valuable suggestions and ideas as per your existing home space, with our expertise in design and projects. We are your fresh pair of eyes to your space. 

Color Consultation: from $500.00+ (pending on the size of project) 

- For a typical 4 bedrooms home, we charge $500.00 which will including home visit, consultation and color consultation. The end product will be a color schedule based on our discussion. 

Home Interior Design Full Service: Cost pending on your property size and condition

- From initial consultation, color palette to space planning to concept design and full design documentation including finishing and furnishing to contractors and suppliers selection and recommendation. We are here to help every step of the way.


director: Peter Wang MDes., BEng.

email: peter.wang@0813studio.com

mobile: +61 466 20 0813

address: lvl 2, 65-71 belmore road, randwick, nsw 2031

trading hours:

monday - friday: 9:00 - 17:00

weekends: by appointments

please give us a call to book your one on one appointment and free consultation.


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