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0813 Studio, we are award-winning commercial interior designs in Sydney providing retail shop and commercial office design and project management service, Sydney NSW.

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We proudly provide commercial office interior design and project management of any sizes or styles offices, serviced offices and coworking spaces. 

commercial office design and fitouts.

intro - 0813 Studio commercial interior designs.

0813 Studio, we are award-winning commercial interior designers and project consultants based in Sydney NSW, specialising in activity-based workplace (ABW), co-working, commercial offices and serviced offices, retail banking, retail shops and hospitality fit-out projects.  With 14 years industry experience, our interior designer established this design studio Sydney. We are experts in all sectors and flexible mixing different interior design elements from various sectors to create your dream space. See about us for more details.  


We have integrated approaches to deliver tailored-made and value-engineered solutions on time and within budget – with emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction, covering the full project cycle.​ We proudly provide the following services based in Sydney, servicing Australia:

  - Feasibility Inspection and Report

  - Space Planning and Test-fit

  - Commercial Interior Design and Finishes/FFE Selection

  - Detail Design Documentation and Design Management

  - Tendering, Analysis and Recommendation

  - Cost Estimate and Reporting

  - Construction Management and Reporting

  - Stakeholder Engagement and Coordination

  - Authority Application

  - Programming and scheduling

  - Defect Report and Final Handover

  - Project Management

  - Facility Management

We can also breakdown our services to cater for your requirements. For instance, even interior design can be divided into feasibility report, concept design and space planning, detail design. We give the power back to you, in terms of how far you would like to engage us.  For more details, see our methodology section.


why us.

Why choosing us? What making us unique?

  - Experienced and Professional: We have 14 years experience in building industry, providing commercial interior design and project delivery with nationwide coverage as well as in every sector. We are very proud of the diversity of projects, either a small office design or a multi-million dollars head office to retail shop design...to name a few.

  - Flexible: at 0813 Studio, we could be as loud as you prefer - deeply integrated in your business as internal business project manager coordinating various teams, carrying out stakeholder engagement, procuring all required including head contractors, suppliers, as well as providing business consultation on retail transformation and digitization.

We could be as quiet as you prefer by carrying out all project relevant works behind the scenes and provide you with cost and progress report on a weekly base. We are your reliable trusted advisers providing you with the interior design suitable to your business needs.

  - It's PERSONAL! We emphasis on our client relationship. We take it PERSONAL as it is more than a business transaction. Our interior design starts from initial consultation, client engagement, site inspection and then we will provide you with one or two space planning drafts and finally we confirm the concept design as per our discussion; then we can provide you with detail design that is fully reflecting your requirement, catering for your business operations, suitable to your budget.

  - Integrated Solution. Have a read of our methodology page to find out more.

case study.

A serviced office commercial interior design in city fringe

case study.

A nail shop - small retail interior design in Gold Coast

space fusion.

What's Space Fusion?

We call it space fusion, because we are specialising in mixing various commercial interior design elements from various sectors (retail, banking, commercial, hospitality...to name a few) together into the design tailored-fit to our clients. We break the boundary of interior designs. Each every element has its unique meaning in the space, at the same time coherently .


For instance, a commercial office breakout area could be as cozy as your living room at home for your staffs carrying out informal / non private meetings, networking, team building or just a quiet space to work. A formal retail banking space could look as casual as a cafe, where the space includes timber bench, stools, casual seating lounges, creating a casual environment highlighting the human touch in normally cold banking services.  

Furthermore, we could be as bold as you like. Take our approach of retail transformation for example, we pitch retail transformation by changing the fundamental functionalities of your trading floor - from conventional transaction to creating unique customer experience in order to increase online sales. Your store could look like a modern gallery combining with your marketing strategies to generate social media talks... 

Think about it, with our design approach, there are limitless options for you.


what we believe.

These aspects are what we firmly believe and adopt in our daily work:

  - Integrity

  - Honesty

  - Mutual respect

  - Equality

  - We put people first before numbers, and we stay away from profit-driven companies 

  - We promote human aspect in our work, and it is more than a business transaction

  - For us, it's about the long term relationships

  - We promote work life balance

  - We promote flexible working

  - We promote sustainability and believe a green design without additional cost or sacrificing occupants' comfort is achievable.

  - We are your trusted advisers on commercial interior design and project delivery.

We don't have fancy google ads competing for search engine ranking. Our customers found us through word of mouth and our previous works.


director: Peter Wang MDes., BEng.

email: peter.wang@0813studio.com

mobile: +61 466 20 0813

address: lvl 2, 65-71 belmore road, randwick, nsw 2031

trading hours:

monday - friday: 9:00 - 17:00

weekends: by appointments

please give us a call to book your one on one appointment and free consultation.

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