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What does workplace look like in the new decade? by 0813 studio commercial interiors Sydney.

In this article, we discuss the workplace and workplace trends in the next decade by 0813 Studio Commercial Interiors.

At the end of 2019, we think it is only fitting to talk about the workplace in the next decade, as it is our specialty after all. 

The definition of workplace has changed and will keep changing in the new decade.

The definition of workplace is no longer just conventional office - 4 walls with workstations, task chairs, meeting room and a kitchenette from the 80s and 90s, or a simple open space with clusters and clusters of workstations in 2000s, or Activity Based Workplace in 2010s. The evolution of workplace started from fundamental change of its definition. After years of pushing boundaries, now we give 'workplace' a whole new meaning. For us, it is a place where people do their best works in a form whatever suits them. It could be a co-working space where you would get the benefit of collaboration and networking; it could be your home where you could work while babysitting (Yes, you could have it all!); it could be in a quiet room of your office where you could concentrate on some paperwork or carry out a private meeting/a phone call; it could be a beach house where you just let your inspiration flow... the list goes on and on and on. In short, it could be anywhere anytime as long as you perform the best version of yourself for your work to achieve the most.

You could easily see what we are doing here. We downplay the format of workplace and emphasis on individual's preference and performance as we understand everyone is different and appreciate this uniqueness that make us human. This cohesively echos with performance management. 

"Wokrplace could be anywhere anytime as long as you perform the best version of yourself for your work to achieve the most" - 0813 Studio Commercial Interiors.

A Technology - centric Workplace

As Apple commercial said 'Give people wonderful tools, they will do wonderful things.' This is absolutely true especially in this new decade, workplace is more emphasis on workplace technology in order to increase flexibility, connectivity, mobility, accessibility, efficiency and collaboration. It is actually technology that has enabled various format of workplace. Basic set up, hardware, software and network.

  • Hardware - we will see more compact, mobile, multi-function devices with slick designs. 

  • We will see more and more collaborations among tech giants to develop software platforms that are compatible with all eco-systems. Regardless of you are an Android user, google adventurous or an Apple die-hard fan, you will have a glitch-free user experience utilizing these platforms sharing, discussing, and collaborating. 

  • A faster network - 5G is here which has made physical network connection unnecessary, A true realization of connecting anytime anywhere.

A workplace where people would like to hang out, not have to or required by employers.

This might be a big and broad topic, but we think it's quite crucial to have an office where people would like to come in and work rather than mandatorily showing up as per company's policy. It's a workplace evolution that evokes surge in performance, teamwork and collaboration. 

  • Aesthetically appealing. It's no longer an extra, and it's essential now.

  • Ergonomically designed. It provides occupants comfort.

  • Green workplace. Not only save energy consumption, but also a safe, fresh and healthy environment.

  • A workplace emphasis on human interactions. Designed to increase human interactions. Workplaces that balance private and communal areas will give employees the power to customize their daily work activities.

  • Catering variety of working styles from employees

  • Designed to reduce stress and burnouts.

Varieties of needs in workplace generate more business opportunities like new co-working spaces and serviced offices.

Another boom will definitely happen for co-working spaces and serviced offices that are designed to cater for different industries. We see the development of first Sydney's innovation hub created for tech entrepreneurs this year. And more to come from international well-known brand Regus, Wework, Just-co, ServeCorp to locally created brands that catering local businesses like Anytime Offices. 

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Please also have a read of our methodology page, commercial projects, next-gen commercial and co-working and serviced office page to find out how we could give you some real support on your workplace project design and delivery, as well as portfolio transformation strategies. 

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