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This is a head background of the page next-gen activity-based workspace by 0813 Studio Commercial Designs Sydney. For us, ABW is more than just workstations and lockers in the workplace. Essentially, the design - as we call the name "activity", is based on end-users' daily activities. Then it involves other design factors, including the space ratio between communal area and workstation area, what to include in the communal area, or to be more specific what seating arrangement to be included in the ABW communal area... to name a few. And there is a technology piece in project consultation that we would recommend our client to consider as well, i.e. sign-in system for seat allocation, meeting space booking system, wireless presenters for display screen, etc.

0813 Studio Commercial Interior Designs Sydney is your experienced trusted-adviser in Next-gen Office Activity-Based Workspace Design. 

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We fully recommend Activity-Based Workspace (ABW) as your next-gen office design, as it promotes communication and networking, increases productivity and saves your office energy consumption. 

What's next-gen commercial office? What's activity-based workspace?

First of all, aesthetically it just looks different. We called it next-gen office interior design, as it does not look like a conventional office environment any more. We understand that the definition and use of office space have changed drastically over the past 2 decades, from the old-school lawyer type formal and private high cubicles to fully open workplace to nowadays vibrant, mixed-use, informal and flexible workplace.  Here we are emphasizing flexibility, daylight factor, occupant's comfort and tailored-design, where we put people first before dollar signs, where we promote performance rather than  9-5 works. 

Hence, We are breaking the office interior design boundaries and our interior design is fundamentally based on your office operation model and space functionality. Not only our office interior design provides essential functionalities for your daily use, but we also ensure the high comfort level and sufficient wow factors done in an aesthetically-pleasing and tasteful way. 

Secondly, from an office space functionality point of view, it is truly activity-based. The office design will be fundamentally based on the activities of occupants on their daily work, and furthermore the design will gently promote certain activities that organisation would like, for example, team building, communication, networking, name a few. We ensure each office design element has its purpose to cater for one or multiple activities in your office. 

Thirdly, activity-based workspace cuts your company's operating cost. The activity-based workspace can potentially save operating cost by 20%, by providing around 20% less workstations required, and everything is running on a hotel concept. First comes first served. In a study conducted by Sydney University, the occupancy rate in an office on average is around 80-85%, and now with the pandemic, most offices are promoting home-office anyway, hence, providing less workstations would definitely be feasible.


In a survey conducted by CBRE, more than 100 companies were interviewed about activity-based workspace. Nearly 70% expected to incorporate some degree of activity-based workplace design into their facilities in the near future. Some of the biggest drivers to this decision are the  rising cost of commercial real estate, less profit in the years of pandemics, and increase of operation cost.  

0813 Studio Commercial Interior Design Sydney proudly design next-gen office activity-based workspace. We have designed and delivered some world class interesting work space around Australia.  Like this new concept interior designs for a serviced office in Sydney 2000. We fully embraced cafe culture of Sydney and included coffee shop elements in the design, from the use of timber material to soften the open ceiling vinyl flooring, to joinery design and furniture selection. All elements echoed with the core business in the lane of coffee shop design. The end product is truly a next-gen office design. Scope of work includes: feasibility inspection, space planning, test-fit, design management, internal stakeholder engagement, tendering and reporting, budgeting, programming, authority application, procurement management, construction management and reporting, defect, final handover.  With our specialty in value engineering, we saved the project trade cost by 10% by replacing different material specification, utilizing local products(FF&E) wherever applicable, engaging local resources to negotiate the most cost-efficient solutions...etc.

We call our next-gen office interior  design 'space fusion', as we mix elements from various sectors into your space.
- 0813 Studio Commercial Interior Designs Sydney

What your next-gen office will look like when transforming to activity-based workspace?

The office design of your next-gen activity-based workspace will be versatile and flexible.

With the current ever-changing market, we fully understand the obstacles and difficulty that your business is facing. Hence, your office will be more versatile to fit to any changes of your business operational model.

  • Layout. It is open office, and you might, say, oh, that's nothing new. But we will design your next-gen office to be HYBRID. Instead of traditional 1 person 1 cubicle situation, we promote the idea of Activity Based Workplace with a twist that we will zone your space by team departments, and design Activity Based Workplace within the individual zone. It's not all free style, but it is a zoned free style that will be easy to manage and change.

  • Configuration - Occupants-centric. We put our focus back on occupants. Versatile space planning and arrangement are based on occupants' daily activity to ensure the functionality and full use of the space. A mix of various seating arrangements are designed for various purposes of meetings, from casual, semi-private to private. 

  • Flexible. We will make your office be more easily adapted and maintained. We will limit the qty of fixed joinery to ensure most elements are portable.


The office design of your next-gen activity-based workspace will be fully equipped with technology.

From IT infrastructure to hardware then to software. The new technology will integrate with your business operating model and daily activities from occupants. 

The office design of your next-gen activity-based workspace will be a greener space.

We seriously promote sustainability in all aspects of design that the end product will be a greener workplace.. Fresher air with sufficient amount of fresh air intakes, sustainable building materials with low VOC emission and from responsible sources, better lighting design that avoids glare issue for your eyes, ... to name a few.



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please give us a call to book your one on one appointment and free consultation.

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