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unique methodology to design and construct with 0813 studio, interior designers Sydney, NSW.

We are more than your normal interior designers.

With our experience, we have the capacity to combine interior design with project management together. We have unique methodology to design and deliver your project here in Sydney NSW. 

With 0813 Studio, the design and project delivery process have just become super easy and flexible!

We could be as loud as you need - integrated into your business as an internal project manager coordinating your internal departments while smoothly design and deliver your projects; or as quiet as you prefer - working behind the scenes and sending you progress report till completion. 

We could provide integrated design and delivery service or we could breakdown into different stages and scopes as you may need in your project - Concept Design, Detail Design, Authority Application, Project Management...etc.

For any typical end-to-end turnkey projects, we provide clients with single point contact from the initial feasibility inspection and report, space planning, stakeholder engagement, detail design, tendering and budgeting, financial reporting, construction management and reporting, defect and handover. We are there holding your hands every step of the way during the project. 





site visit

client engagement

concept design

space planning

For us, everything starts with a site visit and face-to-face conversations with our clients, as we believe through this direct approach we could get to know the space, expectation, purpose of use, operating model, end users' day-to-day behaviors, ... to formalize a client brief. Of course, if our client has various departments, we are more than happy to start the conversations with them too in order to fully capture your organisation's expectation and requirement. 

Then based on this client brief, we would start space planning and come up with a draft floor plan, which identifies key components of the space, i.e. for commercial offices: reception, open office area, project team area, breakout space, informal and formal meeting area, kitchen/pantry, ...etc. 


Then we move on to step 2. 


stakeholder engagement

layout adjustment

mood board

detail design development

furniture selection

finishes selection

design management

interiors & services design

Let the fun part begin!

We will have multiple chats with your teams again to ensure our concept design of the floor space is catering for what your organisation requires, is sufficient and efficient for your daily activities, and we will make relevant tweaks accordingly.

Next, once floor layout is confirmed, we will start detail design development. A picture means a thousand words. We will prepare a mood board with images of key elements to suggest the overall tones, from color to style and we will design in details towards that. 


Furniture is important, especially system furniture in workplace. We are more than happy to take you on a furniture shopping tour which gives every stakeholder an opportunity to see the real items, feel the textures, sit on the chairs.


At the same time, we have the capacity to complete design management on complicate projects that require various consultants including services engineering, heritage, fire, PCA... to name a few. 


The end product is a full set of detail design documentation   




project management



project budget 

This is a boring topic, but it is critical and crucial for project planning, especially these days, every organisation is so savvy with expenditures. 

Pending on your organisation's procurement guidelines, we have capacity and experience to provide project management services, including: running a full tender for your project, tender analysis and recommendation, project cost estimate, procurement including issuing contract documentation on behalf of your organisation. In the case that your allocated budget is less than project cost estimate, don't worry, we can then carry out value engineering procedures to save some project spending. (The best % we saved in our experience was around 20%, with average record around 10%.)  





project delivery


construction management

site inspection

site report

Congratulations! Now we are at the project delivery part. We can provide services including: site inspection, site reporting, contractor management, construction management, defect walk with builder, project handover. So you will only have to deal with one party which is us. We can send you weekly construction site update, check site safety, quality, programme... to name a few for the smooth delivery of your project. 

We will try our best to control variation. In case any variation happen, we will be able to assess and approve on behalf of client.





other services


Retail transformation(see retail page for details)

serviced office industry consultation

co-working space consultation

activity based workplace (abw) project

sustainable design

green star submission (commercial)




mobile: +61 433 329 799

address: lvl 2, 65-71 belmore road, randwick, nsw 2031

trading hours:

monday - friday: 9:00 - 17:00

weekends: by appointments

please give us a call to book your one on one appointment and free consultation.

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