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Commercial office design & ABW Projects by 0813 Studio Commercial Interior Designers, Sydney NSW.

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Modern Office
Modern Office

we emphasize uniqueness.there is no copy-paste from our commercial office design, even for abw project!


Your Trusted Experts in Commercial Office Design and Fit outs Project Consultant, based in Sydney, servicing NSW and ACT.

Your true expert in commercial office design Sydney. Our project consultant's extensive experience in commercial office design and fitouts, starting from managing a SAP campus interior design and project management overseas - a campus including 3 commercial office buildings connected with a central garden and cafeteria. Since then, our project consultant has designed and managed countless commercial office projects with ABW design and delivery experience, including a new commercial office for this global construction company with a green star submission, several office projects for this Australian telco company on George St., and this global serviced office company to interior design and project manage new commercial fitouts in Australia and New Zealand in his previous work. End-to-end turnkey projects, scope includes feasibility inspection, space planning, test-fit, design management, stakeholder engagement and management, tendering and reporting, budgeting, programming, authority application, procurement management, construction management and reporting, defect, final handover. 40+ projects in Australia and New Zealand. We also have gone one step further for the business and provided the strategy of retail offer in the commercial environment by differentiating the end products based on local market and demographic.

With the abundant experience behind us, it's just our second skin to design your office space, regardless a small refurbishment or a new fitout, a traditional design focusing on workstation, an Activity-Based Workplace (ABW) solution, a new approach where office is consist of various zones with breakout space connecting each area, or a new next-gen office.

Our unique user-friendly methodology makes the whole office design and construction process super easy, fun but professional.





site visit

client engagement

concept design

space planning

Office layout

For us, everything starts with a site visit and face-to-face conversations with our clients, as we believe through this direct approach we could get to fully capture your organisation's expectation, requirement and space optimization, and our clients could fully understand our approach, experience and capacity. 

Then based on this client brief, we would start space planning and come up with a draft floor plan...


 See more on our 'Methodology Page'


stakeholder engagement

office layout adjustment

mood board

detail design development

furniture selection

finishes selection

design management

detail design documentation

Let the fun part begin!

We will have multiple chats with your teams again to ensure our concept office design of your commercial space is catering for what your organisation requires, is sufficient and efficient for your daily activities, and we will make relevant tweaks accordingly. Next, once office design floor layout is confirmed, we will start detail design development. We have the capacity to complete design management on complicate projects that require various consultants including services engineering, heritage, fire, PCA... to name a few. 


The end product is a full set of detail design documentation.   

 See more on our 'Methodology Page'


commercial office design.


Authority Application.


project management

Authority Application

Comply Development Certificate

Private Certifier

Development Application

Local Council

Heritage Space

We understand BCA and local council requirements and we design your office space accordingly. We could engage private certifier on behalf of our client, making the whole process stress-free. 

If your office space is a heritage item, we have abundant experience designing and applying development application with your local council.


project management



project budget 

budget control and reporting

project schedule

value engineering

Pending on your organisation's procurement guidelines, we have capacity and experience to provide project management services, including: running a full tender for your project, tender analysis and recommendation, project cost estimate, procurement including issuing contract documentation on behalf of your organisation. In the case that your allocated budget is less than project cost estimate, don't worry, we can then carry out value engineering procedures to save some project spending. 

See more on our 'Methodology Page'


project management.





project delivery


construction management

site inspection

site report

Congratulations! Now we are at the project delivery part. We can provide services including: site inspection, site reporting, contractor management, construction management, defect walk with builder, project handover. So you will only have to deal with one party which is us. We can send you weekly construction site update, check site safety, quality, programme... to name a few for the smooth delivery of your project. 

We will try our best to control variation. In case any variation happen, we will be able to assess and approve on behalf of client.

Modern, Functional, Trendy-but-Stand-the-Test-of-Time Commercial Office Design and Fitouts Project Management Services, based in Sydney, Servicing NSW and ACT.

0813 Studio have a track-record of providing top quality office design and project management services to an impressive project list nationwide, and proudly provide current industry trending services: 

Commercial office design:

  • Feasibility inspection and reporting of potential office space

  • Office space planning (Test-fit) and office interior concept design (Office layout)

  • Commercial office detail design documentation for tendering and construction, this includes internal elevations, 

  • Office furniture selection and furniture showroom shopping trip

  • Fitting and fixture selection based on budget given by client

  • CAD drawings, renders as required.

Office project management services:

  • Green star submission in commercial office interior project

  • Activity Based Workplace (ABW) office Interior design and project delivery consultation

  • Stake holder engagement and coordination

  • Industrial look and feel office design

  • Office technology consultation

  • Commercial office project management and construction management

  • Office project budget estimate and reporting

  • Tendering, analysis and reporting of office project head contractor

  • Design management and coordinating of various consultants as required, including but not limited to services engineering, private certifier, fire services, heritage...etc.

  • Authority application (including DA)

Activity based workplace (ABW) design and delivery.

We understand that ABW is not suitable for every organisation, and from design wise, it is certainly not one-size-fits-all. We will make recommendations from design and operation perspectives based on your organisation's operating model, culture and your end-users' daily working behaviors in the workplace. 

For us, ABW is more than just workstations and lockers in the workplace. Essentially, the design - as we call the name "activity", is based on end-users' daily activities. Then it involves other design factors, including the space ratio between communal area and workstation area, what to include in the communal area, or to be more specific what seating arrangement to be included in the ABW communal area... to name a few. And there is a technology piece in project consultation that we would recommend our client to consider as well, i.e. sign-in system for seat allocation, meeting space booking system, wireless presenters for display screen,... etc. 

Then there is the education piece in the ABW project that we would be more than happy to provide our service based on our extensive experience. Our goal is to get your staffs excited about the space, understand how to use the space (as it certainly is different from conventional workplace), and then ultimately love the ABW workplace. 

The benefit of ABW:

- Saving operating cost, we normally design 80 - 85% of workstation against your headcount.

- Flexible working 

- Increase opportunity to networking and team-building

- Promote performance based management

- Super modern office and tons of technology with wow factor.

0813 Studio provide high quality service to each and every project, whether large or small. We are your trusted advisers with abundant experience in the industry when it comes to commercial office projects. Give us a call today.

Contact us. 

What's the smallest and the largest office 0813 Studio designed?


- The smallest office we designed was around 150sqm, which includes entry waiting area, a meeting room with operable walls, pantry, a manager's office and open workstations. The largest office we designed was a 3 floors office with inter-connecting staircase, 3,500sqm, with ABW requirement and green star submission. The largest office we project managed was a IT campus with 3 buildings (5 floors each) connected by a central cafe, 18,000sqm. 

So, in summary, size does NOT matter to us. You will get your expert in commercial office interior design and project management when you appoint us.

Do I need any approval or consent to start construction?

- This is depending on your scope of work. If it is only for painting and change of furnishings, then all you need is owner's consent, which could be valid even if it is a written email. Some organisations have higher requirement in paperwork and documentation, then in this case, a signed letter is sufficient from owner. 

If the scope if more than the above mentioned, then apart from owner's consent, you will need your authority's approval. The most common way is to engage a PCA to issue CDC. 

If there is any street front work, or your building is an heritage listing item, then a local council DA is required. 

Too complicated? Don't worry, we have managed more than 100 projects delivery. We will guide you through the process and requirement when you appoint us. Just give us a call. 

What commercial office experience do you have?

- We have designed more than 50 commercial offices across Australia and New Zealand, sizing from 150 to 3,500sqm, trade cost value from 100K to 7.5M. We are experts in the field with any sizes and any styles of your dream office. 

What do you mean by space planning?

- It's a term in interior design that we will draw a sketch either hand-drawn or from computer on a empty floor plan to show you the position and rough shapes of various areas and/or joinery items so that our client would under which area on the plan is for what functionality, here we also call it space mix. For example, a typical space plan we do for our office client includes a floor plan sketch as well as a table highlighting different areas, e.g. reception, breakout space, meeting room - 1PAX, 2 PAX, 3PAX...etc., open office area, manager's office...etc. 

What do you mean by full office detail design documentation?

- Our full office detail design documentation include drawings like: office floor plan, partition plan, internal elevations, finishes plan, flooring plan, reflected ceiling plan, joinery design details, and all necessary information for the purpose of tendering and full construction. The set of documentation is more than just certifier would require, it documents office design in full details so that the builder or contractor would be able to translate the design on site directly without any problem. We will also include a list of finishes details as well as list of furniture and fixtures. 


director: Peter Wang MDes., BEng.


mobile: +61 466 20 0813

address: lvl 2, 65-71 belmore road, randwick, nsw 2031

trading hours:

monday - friday: 9:00 - 17:00

weekends: by appointments

please give us a call to book your one on one appointment and free consultation.

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