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retail banking design, transformation and fitouts by 0813 studio commercial interior designers sydney nsw

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This is a project photo of a hotel reception interior design.

Does retail banking have to look exactly the same as formal corporate space? 

Our answer is NO! And the conventional banking design with formal Front of House Tellers, interview style Meeting Room, ATM, is just simply BORING.


Here we present a different way of thinking as part of our retail transformation strategy. Your retail banking could look like a cafe, a well designed living room, a high end fashion boutique that your target customers would feel comfortable talking about MONEY with you. 

Retail banking is a mixture between your typical normal retail (Front of House - FOH) and office space (FOH Meeting Rooms and Back of House - BOH). With this retail element in the space, many retail banks and credit unions are looking to do a retail transformation for their whole portfolio nationwide these days. Why? With the technology these days, we need to give customers a reason why they would choose to come to retail space while literally everything could be done online! The same problem is now faced by all retail banks regardless if you are big 4 or small banks.

Our staff has helped different retail banks design and project manage the retail portfolio upgrade. 8 years and 50+ projects later, apart from the normal day-to-day design and project management, we also went a bit further for one bank to start off their journey of retail transformation:

- from interior design perspective, we make sure we understand your expectation and operating model first before our design, as we all know, different organisations have different customers, goals and expectations that impact on their operating models. And we will design for the purpose! Each element on your trading floor has its purpose for the space, at the same time coherently exist with other elements. 

- from operating model perspective, we will go through the changes before and after the construction to ensure your employees understand how to use the new space. 

- performance study, if needed, we would be more than happy to conduct a performance study to understand what works and what not, then adjust the design accordingly. 

This is modern retail banking transformation project with open tellers and central customer zone.
This is a 3D render image of internal modern retail banking.
This is the second 3D render image of internal modern retail banking.

The end product of retail banking design and transformation is the retail space that is customer-centric, organisational culture- focused and uniquely designed.

Each element has its purpose on the trading flooring, cohesively existing while individually functional.

Other standard interior design and project management services we provide for retail banking sector listed as below:

- feasibility report and inspection

- site inspection and measurement

- space planning and concept design

- stake holder engagement

- mood board and design consultation

- full detail design documentation for tendering and construction

- design management (including PCA, services engineering, name a few)

- authority application (including DA or CDC)

- tendering, tender analysis and recommendation

- procurement

- furniture selection and showroom visits

- finishes, fittings and fixtures selection

- project management 

- construction management

- site report 

- project budget estimate and budget control and reporting

--- and many more.

In summary, you will get the tailored-design and 100% performance focused strategy from our experience, for your retail banking transformation. 

Your business could be the next, contact us to find out more.

See our view on retail transformation, visit 0813studio blog.

'thanks to 0813 studio, not only our retail bank look so much better than the big 4, but our foot traffic and transaction number have increased tremendously over 6 months!' 



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trading hours:

monday - friday: 9:00 - 17:00

weekends: by appointments

please give us a call to book your one on one appointment and free consultation.

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