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FEATURE WALL IS OUT, FEATURE ZONE IS IN! by 0813 studio commercial interior designers.

A New Way to Design a Center-Statement-Piece in Your Space

Still designing one feature wall per room/per space? Almost everywhere, we see a so-called 'feature wall' here and there, which in reality, it is just a wall painted in different color. Here we suggest designing one or several feature areas for the space that have their own functionality, are equipped with the right amount of funkiness, draw the right amount of attentions from end-users, and can stand the test of time from aesthetic point of view. We call it 'Feature Zone'.


Design 101. In any space, we divide it into different zones for different functionalities. For instance, in a typical open office communal area, the common set-up for zoning - Kitchen, Dining, Meeting(formal/informal); in a typical store layout, it consists of - Front of House (Sales, Display, Customer Interaction), Back of House. Same philosophy applies to your home - Bedroom, Kitchen/Dining, Living, Rumpus, Bathroom... it just sometimes in your home, you will have dividing walls which naturally provide the boundary of different zones.


The way to describe 'Feature Zone' is instead of just ONE painted wall with accent color, we suggest selecting the whole zone and designing it something different, either just the simplest a different color, or adding more feature material to the zone for a different texture and different tone, or structurally at the different height, with additional structural piece. You might have noticed the word 'DIFFERENT' is heavily used here. This is to show the feature zone can be easily distinguished from other zone that provide enough contrast which naturally draws enough attention to the zone.

0813 studio interior designers next gen

In this office, feature zones are breakout zone (on the right), casual meeting (in the centre), semi-private meeting/quiet area (on the right in the cork booth). Any feature walls? no, but the space is coherent and funky enough to draw end-user's attention and suits its functionality.

In this home, kitchen zone ceiling has been made in different material - timber and at different height - lowered by 600mm, kitchen zone wall tiles provide enough contrast to living room beige wall color.


- Color - this is basic, but it is the simplest and the most efficient element (cost efficient too!). We suggest a natural tone color choice but in contrast with other neighboring zones.

- Material - use different material to 'draw the line'. Don't be afraid to use other material on your wall, ceiling and floor: timber, cork, metal, stone, vinyl, cladding... to name a few.

- Structure - small booth, a second false ceiling, a step or several steps up or down (don't forget the ramp though) name a few to create a feature zone.

- Lighting - use the purpose spotlights or pendant lights in the zone to create a mood, sometimes can be even quite dramatic too.




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